Saturday, 1 May 2010

Sorry I've been so quiet!!! But I havent had much to report!

So heres my favourite photo for this month.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Sorry for the lack of photos!!! Been mega mega busy and mega ill!
In short - Olives are gross but I like Christmas Pudding! :)

Here is a favourite photo of mine:

Ill work on more topical photos!

Love to the TYSICers

Monday, 15 March 2010

March Photo

So in the spirit of loving my photography, here is my favourite photo from March (so far...)

All my best photos I put up here: But will continue to my favourite from each month up here

First steps to being an adult

Ive been put as an emergency contact, met the parents, had a slight work promotion, applied for a tesco clubcard...
.....However, I couldnt resist climbing a tree (are adults allowed to do this still??)

Trying New Things.....

So this weeks new things included:

Going to a ceilidh with my boyfriend and family. Slightly nervous at first, but we all loved it
after a few ciders. Here is an action shot.

I aslo tried Smoked Salmon and Olvies. More things to add to the list of things to avoid!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Trying new things....

As this idea has only just come to me, I didnt have my camera on me at the time!

But this week I tried swordfish!!!
I didn't like it, but at least now I know that! :)


Ill be 33! And at the moment my life should just about be kicking off, ive done uni, done my pointless job for the experience and im ready to start living life in the grown up world!
In short my self improvment challange: Become a proper grown up

This task will involve:
- Moving out
- Getting a job I enjoy
- Travel around South America
- Learn the drums
- Improve and be happy with my photography
- Own a goat/llama/reptile
- Try new things! (At least one big thing for me a month!)