Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Ill be 33! And at the moment my life should just about be kicking off, ive done uni, done my pointless job for the experience and im ready to start living life in the grown up world!
In short my self improvment challange: Become a proper grown up

This task will involve:
- Moving out
- Getting a job I enjoy
- Travel around South America
- Learn the drums
- Improve and be happy with my photography
- Own a goat/llama/reptile
- Try new things! (At least one big thing for me a month!)


  1. that's a lot of goals! some good ones, too.

    i thought lots of people would do photography TYSICs, but hardly anyone has. i'll look forward to following yours. and the crazy pet... i'd vote llama.

  2. I already have my new thing lined up for tmrw! and ill be taking the camera! :)
    And hopefully be able to take lots of Llama photos! just got to work on convincing my boyfriend a Llama is the right animal for us! wish me luck! :) x